Highest Cannabis Population
Know some of the best places with the highest numbers of cannabis and weed users all over the world, so consider these places before planning your next holiday.
Medical Marijuana Card
Getting a medical marijuana license has become more possible these days, we have shortlisted steps to get medical marijuana card conveniently - Marijuana Span.
Destinations for CBD lovers
Find out the most suitable destinations as a cannabis lover to invite your friends and have a great holiday time at these weed-friendly destinations worldwide.
buy Cannabis seeds online
A big question which may arise in the mind of CBD lovers that is there a way to buy Cannabis seeds online or grow CBD themselves, read the fact here.
Flying with CBD products
People who are interested in flying with CBD oil must have a doubt in their mind that they can take CBD products along with them in the plane or not, or is it Legal.
Future Of Cannabis
Most of the people have come to accept CBD legal status that gives an idea to us about a confirmation for the future of Cannabis is bright and beautiful.
Where CBD Marijuana Grows (1)
If you are wondering that where CBD Marijuana grows then read this blog to know the different growing phases of marijuana including various factors to consider.
netflix and weed
The Best Stoner Tv series streaming to binge-watch on Netflix this holiday season. Netflix currently has many weed tv shows that goes well with a pizza, holiday spirit & some weed.
The so-called “Marijuana tourism” is a tour invented for cannabis lovers, a wellness retreat designed for cannabis enthusiasts who already love marijuna, as well as those who want a safe space to try it.
From Jennifer Aniston, Seth Rogen, Justin Timberlake to Miley Cyrus, here's a list of celebs celebrities who smoke weed or support the use of medical marijuana.

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