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Bernie Sanders reforms marijuana
Bernie Sanders hits the campaign trail with a big focus on ending the war on drugs and legalizing marijuana in the USA. Read his future proposals at Marijuana Span.
Tool To Know If You’re Driving High
If you are marijuana-using driver then not a good news for you because police have found a new device that can determine whether you're high behind the wheel.
Swissx Bank of Cannabis
The owner of Coca-Cola Hellenic bottling plants - Alki David launches the Swissx bank of Cannabis with global hemp exchange for legal marijuana transactions.
Now people can pursue an MBA in the cannabis industry as per their interest the university of science in Philadelphia will now offer MBA in the CBD industry
4 july CBD deals
Get the best deal and discounts on CBD on this independence day in the US, so make it hurry and save your money on this 4 july with best CBD coupons .

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